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Concept Art - Creature Design - Illustration

Freelancing & Commissions

I am a hobbyist with no interest in full-time gigs. I've worked with indie game dev startups, game jam teams, small businesses, independent creators, and fellow world builders. I work very fast and prefer short-term transactions.

Commission Information

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My Services

My specialty is organic concept art with a focus on creatures and characters. I am also a comic artist and illustrator.I am capable of working from written descriptions, although mood boards are strongly encouraged. Any other visual information is also helpful. To illustrate existing personal characters, I require a reference please.My style is semi-realistic to realistic and I like to focus on detail. I work fast and complete projects in a timely manner.USD via PayPal unless discussed otherwise.

My Process

1. We’ll discuss your project goals and establish expectations for the end result. This will be followed by a quote.2. If we decide to move forward, I’ll whip up a contract we both will sign after any changes are requested. I will not do business without this.3. Once the contract is signed, I will begin the draft after the down payment is paid. You will be sent an invoice.4. When the draft is approved, I’ll move on to next steps until the work is complete. I’ll send updates throughout the process for review.5. The work will be delivered electronically once your balance is fully paid.

What I Do

Concept art
— Game art assets (props, items, weapons, set dressing items, icons, level art, etc.)
— Landscapes, environment art, space art
Creatures, characters, plants
— Insectoids, animals, monsters, mythical beasts, synthetic creatures, cryptids, supernatural beings, and more
— Humans, humanoids, aliens, and more
— Personal/original characters, character references, cover art, and more
Other things
— Blood, gore, artistic nudity, science fiction, fantasy, horror, romance, and more
— Hand draw or hand paint lots of little detail

Ask Please

Mildly suggestive contentMechanical creatures/monstersAnything you’re not seeing on these lists or unsure of

What I Don't Do

NSFW artworkIntricate architecture or heavy machineryCopyrighted subjects/characters belonging to existing IPsGraphic designMimic the style of independent artistsComics — I’ve got my own to doPolitical, religious, or hate speechHyper-realism, hyper-stylizedFan charactersRev-share projects or work for free. Thank you.

Unless otherwise discussed, any artwork I create for you is for personal use only. NOT commercial use.Upon request at any time, copyrights for the purpose of commercial use will be granted to you in exchange for a fee.To illustrate existing personal subjects (characters, creatures, objects, etc.), I require a visual reference. If you don't have a visual reference or are seeking freelance/custom work, your project will be subject to my freelance pricing.

All prices are subject to change based on project specifications


$30 - Simple$50 - Headshot
$65 - Half body
$80 - Full body

Full body or half body preferred
With or without shading

Inked, Flat Color

$80 - Headshot
$120 - Half body
$160 - Full body

Simple or no BG

Inked, Colored, Shaded

$120 - Headshot
$170 - Half body
$220 - Full body

Simple or no BG


$180 - Headshot
$240 - Half body
$300 - Full body

Simple or no BG


Starts at $350

Full body or half body only
With or without shading

Reference Sheets

Starts at $150

Contact me to get an accurate quote. Price depends on the rendering style and what your goals are. I will need an existing visual reference of your character or it will be a custom artwork.
See pricing below.

Freelance & Custom Pricing

$120 per hour

If you're seeking concept art for your creatures, characters, game art, world building, etc., I provide this service at $120 USD per hour. You will be contractually granted copyrights of the work for commercial use at the project's conclusion. If you have no plans to use the work commercially, I will work at a discounted rate of $90 USD per hour. If you later request copyrights, this will be granted to you in exchange for a fee.If you do not have a visual reference for your existing subject (character, creature, object, etc.), your request will be considered a custom work at a rate of $90 USD per hour. Personal use only unless you request copyrights.

Terms of Service

The following is an overview and is subject to change at any time. It is not representative of the document I use to initiate business with my clients.


Prior to any transactions or starting work, I require a contract to be signed by the client and myself. I always encourage you to request changes be made prior to a signature. And the contract may also be amended afterward if both parties agree to said change.


I do not offer discounts outside of any promotions. Period.Active Ancient Chronicles supporters holding a tier of $5 USD or greater enjoy up to 30% off and will need to supply the email attached to their tier in order to take advantage of their discount. This discount stacks with any running promotions. :) Thank you for your support.

Digital Goods

The final result of the services I provide (digital artwork) will be delivered electronically. No physical goods will be delivered.

Client Approval

Once you approve the final render and the project is ended, I am no longer responsible for any errors.

Turnaround Time

Unless a specific deadline is requested**, I will complete your commission at my own pace. I have a full time day job and a life to live. I will work commissions around personal projects, general life, etc.Please anticipate your commission being completed within the following estimated spans of time:
Sketches: couple days to a week
Inked, flat color: a week to a month
Inked, colored, shaded: a week to a month
Lineless: a month or more
Illustration: a month or more
References: a week or a month or more
Note that happenings and project specifications may delay or increase the amount of time required to be completed. I'm very good about communication. You are free to request an update, but please be patient.**There will be rush fees involved if your deadline gives me less time than I comfortably need to complete whatever work is requested.

Payment of Services

A down payment of 30-50% is required prior to any work being done. Your balance must be paid in full prior to the deliverables being released to you.All payments are to be made via PayPal, unless otherwise discussed. You will be sent an invoice. I accept only USD. There is a 3.5% processing fee associated with every payment.


All prices listed above are subject to change at any time and may change based on the following:— Overall complexity, requested level of detail
— Number of subjects
— Necessary file size (based on detail desired and project needs)
— Time and labor required
Please ask for a quote to get the estimated cost of your request.Individuals seeking freelance or custom work, or those lacking a visual reference for their subject(s), will be subject to my freelancing rate.


I allow complimentary minor corrections throughout the rendering process. Within reason. Moderate and major changes will always be charged $120 hourly per adjustment.I will not accept significant changes after the final draft is approved that is beyond the scope of the project (e.g. adding a new character, changing a pose, etc.).If I feel I am being abused with excessive changes, minor or otherwise, I will charge a scope creep fee at my discretion depending on the frequency and scale of the adjustments. Your project may also be canceled.

Refunds & Cancellation

...These terms apply only to flat rate projects and not projects subject to my hourly freelance pricing...

Down payment
— 100% refundable if the project is canceled by either party prior to work beginning.
— 50% refundable if the project is canceled after work has begun but before the final draft is approved.
— Non-fundable after the final draft is approved.
After Final Draft Approval
— The down payment and any other payments made are non-refundable if the client cancels.
— 25-50% of the latest payment (not the down payment) refunded to you if I have to cancel.
After Project Completion
No refunds after the deliverables have been released to you.

Copyrights & Usage

Unless otherwise discussed, any artwork I create for you is for personal use only. NOT commercial use.
Upon request at any time, copyrights for the purpose of commercial use will be granted to you in exchange for a fee.Usage
My work is not to be used in NFT, crypto, blockchain, or AI related projects. You may not sell the work I create for you as an NFT or be associated with NFT, crypto, blockchain, or AI related projects in any capacity by you or third-parties associated with you. Ever. Should this be breached, I am entitled to reparations from you.
You MAY NOT remove my signature at any time. I am willing to provide a copy of the artwork without my signature upon request. Just ask nicely. :)I have the right to showcase the work I create for you on this site and social media unless strict confidentiality is requested in advance of the establishment of an agreement.


Please credit me as the artist where credit is due as "Kimberlea Heili." It is preferred that you also link to my website,, but not required.I will credit the subject of the work as belonging to you wherever I showcase the work.

Updated 2.15.2024

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