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Concept Art - Creature Design - Illustration or DM
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2023-24 Commissions -Open-
Hello. I take the occasional commission for fun and have done freelance work for indie game studio startups, small businesses, independent creators, and fellow world builders.
— My Services —
Organic concept art, creatures, and characters are my specialties.
I offer services for all three, as well as illustration. I am not a graphic designer.

I am capable of working from written descriptions, although mood boards are strongly encouraged. Any other visual information is also helpful. To illustrate existing personal characters, I require as clear a reference as possible please.

My style is semi-realistic to realistic and I like to focus on detail. On a case-by-case basis, I will follow the style of an existing project if I am able. I will not replicate the style of another artist.
I work fast and complete projects in a timely manner.
2 Slots Available
1. Open
2. Open

What I Do
Organic concept art
- Game art assets (props, items, weapons, set dressing items, icons, level art, etc.)
- Landscapes, environment art, space art

Creatures, characters, plants
- Insectoids, animals, monsters, mythical beasts, synthetic creatures, cryptids, supernatural beings, and more
- Humans, humanoids, aliens, and more

- Personal/original characters, character references, cover art, and more
Other things
- Blood, gore, artistic nudity, science fiction, fantasy, horror, romance, mildly suggestive, lots of little detail, and more
What I Don't Do
NSFW artwork
Intricate architecture or heavy machinery
Copyrighted subjects/characters belonging to existing IPs
Political, religious, or hate speech
Hyper-realism, hyper-stylized
Fan characters
Rev-share projects
Do not ask me. The answer is no.  I don’t work for free.

If something is not on either list or you need clarification, please message me!
— Pricing & Process —
All of my prices are subject to change based on the following factors:
Overall complexity, requested level of detail
Number of subjects
Necessary file size
(based on detail desired and project needs)
Time and labor required

I offer a consultation followed by a quote and estimated turnaround time. A contract must be signed prior to any transactions. You of course may ask for changes to the contract prior to signing! A down payment of 30-50% is required before work is begun and the total balance must be paid in full prior to deliverables being released to you. I am flexible with payment schedules.

PayPal USD
- NOTE -
By default, any artwork I create for you is NOT for commercial use. Personal use only. Upon request, copyrights for the purpose of commercial use will be granted to you in exchange for a fee.
If you're wanting artwork of your own personal subject(s) drawn, a visual reference will be needed. A subject can be a character, creature, object, etc. If you don't have a visual reference, I will consider this a "custom." Please reference pricing at the bottom for custom work.

$80 USD
Full body or half body preferred
With or without shading

Inked, Flat Color
$120 USD
Simple or no BG
Inked, Shaded
$180 USD
Simple or no BG
... more current examples coming soon ...
$250 USD
Simple or no BG
Starts at $350 USD
Full background
Lined, lineless, combo

Reference Sheets
Starts at $150 USD
Consult with me to get an accurate quote. Price depends on the rendering / style and how extensive the project will be.
I will need an existing visual reference of your character or it will be a custom artwork. See pricing below.

Custom Creatures, Characters, Concept Art
$90 - $120 USD per hour
If you're seeking concept art for your creatures, characters, game art, world building, etc., I provide this service at $120 USD per hour. You will be contractually granted copyrights of the work for commercial use at the project's conclusion. If you have no plans to use the work commercially, I will work at a discounted rate of $90 USD per hour. If you later request copyrights, this will be granted to you in exchange for a fee.
If you do not have a visual reference for your existing subject (character, creature, object, etc.), your request will be considered a custom work at a rate of $90 USD per hour. Personal use only unless you request copyrights.
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