About Me
A storyteller creating memorable experiences.
Stories bring people together. I create memorable experiences to inspire and nurture the storyteller in others. I love science fiction, fantasy, and a generous helping of whimsy.
I'm a world builder. I build planets, lore, creatures, characters, narratives, etc. When it comes to world building, I build with function and aesthetic in mind. A part of me can often be found in nearly every aspect of my personal creations, from segments of my life embedded in narrative to experiences given to the characters that share a bit of my own personality. Ancient Chronicles is a project that came into existence shortly after I met my best friend, Sam Page. It is a celebration of our friendship and a story we've not stopped working on since its birth in 2007.
When I'm not whittling away at world building, one can find me tending to my aquariums, chickens, kitties, and gardens. I watch nature and space documentaries like they're going out of style and I enjoy fishing, playing video games, observing nature, watching movies, and the occasional book.
Concept Art
World Building
Modeling + Sculpting