About Me
Storyteller creating memorable experiences
I am a storyteller. I'm also addicted to worldbuilding. I have devoted the past twelve, nearly thirteen years, to crafting a personal project known as Ancient Chronicles with my closest friend. I can never stop thinking about it. Wicker and Brite is another personal narrative I am slowly creating. Stories bring people together. My goal is to create memorable experiences that inspire and nurture the storyteller in others.
My specialties are in organic concept art, creatures, and character design. I love designing environments, and I am building on this as an additional strength. In college, I learned about 3D modeling and sculpting. It didn't come easy, but it has since become integral to my 2D workflow and a fun and rewarding skill. I have a strong focus on details, function (in concept art and worldbuilding), and hold a deep love for learning. Science and the natural world are my sources of inspiration. I'm a big science nerd.
When I'm not worldbuilding or "arting," one can find me tending to my fish, gardens, and army of chickens, raiding pantries, baking bread, playing video games, writing for myself, or watching movies. I watch nature and space documentaries like they're going out of style, and I like to sit and watch, or listen to, the sounds of nature. I'm particularly fond of fishing and bird watching. I'm also teaching myself front end development.
Organic Concept Art
Creature + Character Design
Environment Design
Lore + World Building
3D Sculpture + Modeling
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