About Me
Creating memorable, meaningful experiences.
I am a storyteller addicted to world building. My body of work focuses largely on organic concept art, namely creatures, characters, and environments. I am detail oriented and take great care in ensuring I do the best I can in all that I do. My goal is to create memorable, meaningful experiences that encourages others to do the same. My greatest story is Ancient Chronicles, a personal project built with personal experiences and the voices of many.
When in my natural habitat, one might observe me playing with my pigeons, tending to my fish, spider, and patio garden, writing, doing something related to Ancient Chronicles, being out in nature, bird watching, reading, watching movies, a show, or some sort of nature/space documentary, teaching myself front end development, and/or raiding an unsuspecting pantry.
Ancient Chronicles
A tale surrounding a progressive universe plummeting into chaos as it faces the rebirth of an ancient darkness. Creators Kimberlea Heili and Samuel Page have been working on the story since 2007 shortly after they met but have only in recent years begun releasing comic pages. The story is presently on hiatus with new pages in development at this time.
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Please send inquiries and business related messages to kimberlea@heili.com.
Thank you very much!