About Me
Creating memorable, meaningful experiences
I am a storyteller addicted to world building and a lifelong learner eager to try new things. My body of work focuses on creatures, characters, and organic subjects. When it comes to world building or making new critters, I often design with a great deal of science and nature in mind. The sci-fi fantasy webcomic epic Ancient Chronicles is a passion project I've been developing with my closest friend since 2007. It's a massive story with an even larger universe and was built with endless hours of research, the voices of many, and our personal experiences.
When in my natural habitat, one might observe me playing with my pigeons, tending to my fish and plants, writing, doing something related to Ancient Chronicles, bird watching, reading, watching movies or some sort of nature/space documentary, teaching myself front end development, and raiding an unsuspecting pantry.
Creature and Character Design  -  Concept Art
Illustration  -  Lore and World Building
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Please send inquiries and business related messages to kimberlea@heili.com.​​​​​​​